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An epic journey mastering your mess

an epic journey mastering your mess

Do you feel like you could benefit from increased productivity, leaving more time for self-care and mindfulness? A professional organizer can help! Odyssey Organizing believes that getting organized is the key to stress-free living. Imagine living or working within a system specifically designed with your habits, needs, and tastes in mind. Find important items and documents with ease. Maintain a balanced schedule, and take back time lost to disorder. Get on top of the clutter building in your home or office. Master the mountain of paper plaguing your file cabinets. With Odyssey at the helm of your organizing journey, you can be sure you will be left with the peace of mind that comes with an orderly life.


who we are

Odyssey Organizing is the brainchild of Ginni Pinckert, who has spent years ordering the lives of the creative personalities around her. She has worked as executive assistant to an award winning artist, as a file clerk in a law office, and most recently been an integral part of the executive support team for a fashion designer. She loves creating order out of chaos, and forming systems that are both functional and aesthetic. As a self-taught organizer, she knows all about the struggles and potential pitfalls in the journey of organizing. By working with inherent obstacles, instead of against them, she is practiced in developing systems that turn perceived weaknesses into strengths. Ginni is a certified life coach and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.


What we do

In today's world, life moves increasingly fast, leaving many of us little time to address the clutter building around us. Whether this manifests as stuffed spaces, chaotic schedules, untended filing systems, or lagging productivity, Odyssey Organizing helps beat disorganization. With an empathetic approach that combines positive reinforcement, helpful knowledge, and lots of laughter, Odyssey is there to forge a path to balance. Whether this means decluttering the garage or streamlining schedules,  you can count on Odyssey to help. By bringing tools, expertise, and a healthy sense of fun, Odyssey turns your dreaded next project into a fulfilling achievement. Odyssey's packages include a free consultation and initial assessment, follow-up, and haul-away services.


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