Announcing new progress!


Exciting news! I am now a Certified Professional Life Coach, after completing training through Life Coach Workshops. Had a wonderful time with these guys, and learned so much! Not only about the process of coaching, but also about myself. For bonus points, forged connections with like minded people, and made new friends. 

It shouldn't have been such a surprise that the road to coaching proficiency is paved with as many moments of self-discovery as the path to organization. One of the things I love so much about what I do is that it has the ability to strip away the veneer of what we tell ourselves about "the way we are" and show us the truth about what we may have been hiding from ourselves. Now I have new tools and methods to open that conversation to deepened moments of awareness and clarity. Mental decluttering is important too!

My own experience with the workshop resulted in finding inner strengths and ways to better tackle inherent challenges both on a personal and business level. I'm very excited to be moving forward with new knowledge, authenticity, and respect. I can already see ways in which this new process is weaving its way into my organizing practice, and life as a whole!