Holiday Gift Guide for Neat Freaks


We all have them, neat freak minimalist loved ones who are impossible to shop for. Stumped as to what to buy your clutter busting friends for the holidays? They'll love these tried and true gifts, great tools to help them with what they love most - organizing! 

1. For the List Maker -

These Personalized Task-It Notepads from Levenger are fantastic. Made with high-quality paper, they are a joy to write on, and their vertical orientation makes them perfect for writing lists. Best of all, each notepad features a personalized name displayed among cute medallion accents. The set comes with 6 notepads, all with 75 pages each, so you'll have plenty of room for list making throughout the year ahead. 

2. For the Planner Addict - 

While I'm an avowed Franklin Planner user, two other gorgeous options caught my eye this year; the Dailygreatness Business Planner and the Sugar Paper Agenda

The Dailygreatness Business Planner is perfect for the type-A, self-improvement focused entrepreneur in your life. It features a great blend of business tools, like financial worksheets and goal setting, nestled into a focus on personal development and habit building. The undated format gives immense flexibility, and built-in periodic check-ins keep you on task. Ideal for those who want to focus on professional success, as well as mindfulness and self-discovery. 

The Sugar Paper Agenda in chambray is clean, simple, and streamlined. Sugar Paper got it's start making elegant letterpress stationary, and has since branched out into timeless notebooks and desk accessories. Their planner is made with high quality heavy-weight paper and features a layout that's both beautiful and user friendly. At 6" x 8" it's small enough to throw into a purse, and boasts additional sections for tracking birthdays and thank you notes. 

3. For the Organized Homebody - 

This Executive Leather Catch-All by Redenvelope is a great way to create a home for keys, change, or jewelry, and it looks awesome on a night stand or end table. Personally, I use a leather catch-all for my glasses before bed, and would be lost in the morning without it! Best of all, it's the kind of thing folks usually don't buy for themselves, so it's ideal for the friend who has everything.

4. For the Graphics Lover -

I had a wall calendar from Snow & Graham throughout 2016, and just adored it. The stunning signature graphics are printed on high quality card stock, and the generous 12" x 18" size turns it into functional art. I gave mine a prominent place in the entryway, and each new month generated a smile. Perfect for friends and family who appreciate aesthetics! 

5. For the Minimalist - 


If there's one thing a minimalist doesn't need, it's more stuff. Why not try an experience based gift? Take them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, book them a spa treatment, or get them tickets to a concert. From cooking classes to archery lessons, the options are endless. The memories will last a lifetime, and you can be sure that your gift won't wind up in a box marked for donation.